Hi, I am Marianne. I am a spaceholder and spiritual guide for women coaches who choose to do the work they’re meant to do, work from their highest potential and create magic shifts in their life and business. In my work with hundreds of women over the last 15 years I have witnessed a common longing: to reclaim their sensitive, spiritual nature that has been lost amid academic, administrative, or materialistic pursuits. To move  from their heady view of life, into the knowledge of their bodies.

I guide them on a deep inner journey into remembering who they are, and what their purpose in life is.
At the end of this journey, they’ll feel a new inner certainty, clarity and direction in their life, leadership and business.

I can be with whatever shows up. And I can hold the space for you to let unfold whatever it is. I am not afraid of emotions. I am not attached to it neither.

I am a faculty member of the renowned Co-Active Training Institute, USA in my roles as supervisor, group supervisor and examiner.
I also immersed in a four year Raja Yoga-Meditation Teacher training.  I have worked as a Mindfulness Trainer and Stress Reduction Coach in the corporate world.  I am trained as a Divine Dance Teacher and Somatic Awareness Trainer. I believe in a holistic approach and integrate all elements in my coaching programs where needed. My clients are unique, and so is my style of coaching.

I’m a proud mom of two grown up kids and live in Amsterdam with my partner and cat, where I love to walk, study, bike, dance and discover new places and people.