I contacted Marianne because I felt I needed to release something bigger into my coaching practice. I was looking for a spiritually oriented coaching. I found the work with Marianne very effective. I loved the body and soul work, the insights and all the valuable advice she gave me along the way, to strengthen my coaching posture, to trust myself even more and the invitations to put into practice some of my unconscious gifts. She is a very good listener who brings a lot of self-experience, depth, warmth, humanity and encouragement to her sessions. I am now much more aware of the connection and impact of my body in my life, the need to nourish myself in every way possible and to let my soul express itself in the world. I warmly recommend Marianne to anyone looking for a dedicated, highly experienced and powerful coach and guide.

Isabelle Hamberg


I need to be called out on stuff, that’s the kind of coaching which works for me. Safe space, spiritual connection, but also understands the business world as well. I have put myself out there to be coached by the world’s best. You my dear Marianne have something very special… you are the best.

Rachel Treece

CEO fts global & The Henka Institute

I did not only find out who I am as a coach but I also found my voice again as a woman and those ‘nagging negative inner critics’ were quickly nowhere to be seen! She enabled me to connect with my authentic feminine self again in order to serve my clients the way they deserve and help them find their way home and lead the lives they dream of. Her warm, loving, strong, and business savvy persona is a true gift and it was such an amazing experience and pleasure working with her. Her energy is calming, warm, and loving but don’t be fooled! She will challenge you and make you quit your BS when needs be in order to break through any obstacles or limits you may have set for yourself! If you are looking for a coach to lead you through any troubles in life, may it be business, private, relationships with others or yourself, spiritual guidance, or anything else look no further and just message her. She goes beyond and above as a coach to guide and support you on your journey! Her care even between coaching sessions makes you feel that she is truly a part of your journey and you are being looked after. I could not recommend her enough and already have!

Jess Reinert

Women Empowerment Coach, COACHING WITH JESS

I took a look at your new coaching program and it is so you! As I was reading more about what the program entails I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I had the opportunity to receive all you have to give and the results still resonate with me today.  Learning about the wisdom that is within me and how to access that for myself, but also for others, was very powerful. Any woman needing this will be lucky and blessed to follow your coaching program.

Hetty Brand-Boswijk


What I like about you is that you lead by example. And you are caring. You don’t take no for an answer, you actually push forward. You have this tenacity for issues. I know that when I am speaking to you I better have my shit ready. As a result of working with you I am actually much more aligned with myself, with what I know and what I want to bring into the world.

Arabella Seegers

Co-active Coach and Speaker for educated, sensitive and driven Women at a crossroads, arabellaseegers.com

My main goal that we started to work on was connecting my career coaching business with my newly born mission of helping women in the poor countries survive the childbirth. Through powerful visualisations and meditations I have become 100% certain that I wanted to follow this path. We have worked together on transforming my mission into concrete actions. Marianne’s strengths lies in being able to combine her intuition, calmness, kindness and spirituality with amazing set of business coaching tools.
Thank you Marianne for being my inspiration, for your warmth and support! You are a truly gifted coach, a wonderful person and a friend.

Dorota Klop-Sowinska

Purpose Driven & International Career Coach, DoSo! Coaching

I applaus you Marianne for continuing to always go outside of the box, for not accepting microwaved TV dinners, for walking your talk, and for being in alignment! Let the new game being! See you there!

Reham Nasr

UK's #1 Awakening Minds Expert, Transform You Now

Marianne truly listens throughout the sessions and provides the right questions to explore the hidden paths that are within ourselves and can bring us to where we want to be. I would highly recommend Marianne as a coach to anyone who is looking to reclaim their feminine power, connect with their inner leader/self, and explore their hidden gifts. Marianne helped to explore my full potential, an aspect that has made all the difference in me.

Anxhela Bruci

Founder of EmpowerFULL| MA, MSc, EmpowerFULL