How to get unstuck

In my work as a women empowerment leader, I come across a common theme: stuckness.
My clients are creators. They move in the direction of their dreams.
They have an idea and build a new service from scratch. And I know you are one of them.

This is what happens with creation:
In the first phase of creation you experience joy and excitement.
You can’t wait to bring your work into the world and serve your clients.
With dedication and plenty of creativity you do the foundational work.

And then there comes a moment in your creative journey where you get stuck.
As this is the last thing you need, you start working even harder and get disconnected from the initial feelings of joy and excitement.
Your mind and willpower have taken over.
As a result you start to feel constricted, frustrated, anxious, to name a few emotions.
And these emotions have a low frequency.
Your clients can sense when this is happening to you.

You literally become unattractive.
You loose your magnetic presence.
Launching a new service from a place of contraction is just.not.a.good.idea.
But don’t judge yourself. This is part of the creation journey.

Instead of working harder, exhausting yourself and trying to figure out how to resolve this, just STOP!
Give yourself a break. Nourish yourself at different levels.
Take a rest, be in nature, sleep, meditate, journal, work with a coach.

Fill your own cup.
Once you feel nourished again, just give plenty of room to the initial feeling of joy and excitement when you started your creation.
And do whatever it takes to marinate yourself in that higher vibrating energy, day in and day out.

ALLOW things to unfold. Be patient.
SURRENDER to the outcome.
TRUST that something else is at work. Working on you.
The Universe is organizing your creation in a way that is right for you.
There is always a greater plan at play.

Be unattached to the HOW (a very important and big theme too). Allow your work to unfold in a different way than what your mind had planned or anticipated.
Trust that you will be supported. Trust that new skills will be activated in you.

Opportunities will unfold that you could never have imagined.
Doors will open for you.
The right people will begin to show up in your life.
Be open for magic and enjoy the ride!

Do you recognize this pattern? And do you trust the process?

Love, Marianne